It is a very peculiar thing to me that this meme “describe yourself in three fictional characters” has taken off. I am in no way opposed or am trying to deflate the influence of pop culture. But, (1) why even label yourself in three characters in (2) which somebody else has written? And (3) putting so much pressure on yourself to now be one of these amazing characters every time somebody now sees you in the future? Well maybe (1) because in American and modern day culture we need a label, proved by simply everything from what we do to where we are. And more specific by the 2013 DSM. We need now to “check in” or “snap” what we’re thinking and where we are at, at all times in order to feel accepted, rebel “ish” or “cool”. Which is fine because in a way in protects us, if ever we were in some sort of danger, we could tell so many people! And because if somebody feels they have a mental disorder, now they can seek help and insurance companies have no excuse not to pay, because there is a label. But it does seem to come off a bit “showy” doesn’t it? At least with the checking in part. (2) Somebody else wrote it, in fact a multiple amount of people probably wrote that character and have perfected it. Which leads me to three. (3) You’re trying to live up to something that is so unattainable that you’ll never reach it. But, this isn’t a bad thing. Because you’ll probably at least try and that will be entertaining to watch from an observing point of view. This is why I’m posting four pictures of myself (it’s four because three didn’t fit and also make me look good), and it’s myself because I don’t want to ever raise the bar to anybody until I am with that person IN person. I would simply rather disappoint or entertain another human face to face. Anyways, this whole post is self incriminating in itself, but is simply an observation of what’s going on. High five to all social media and everyone should definitely pay more attention to what the accusations of Brad Pitt are because that will more than likely make a very large impact on your life.


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